12th Five Year Plan Preparation

Get engaged and contribute to nation building. Share your views and comments on what the 12 Five Year Plan should be about. What are some of the key development aspiration for the next plan? How can we formulate an all inclusive plan that addresses the challenges as well as prepares us to tap on the opportunities. How can we ensure greater national consensus over the development plan. How can the Government, Private Sector, CSOs and general citizen collaborate better to achieve common national development aspiration? Here is an opportunity to express your views and share your ideas on nation building. Fill in the feedback/views below or write direct to us at ( ppd@gnhc.gov.bt )


12th Five Year Plan Guideline ( Click here to download )


  1. Latest Draft NKRAs and KPIS for the 12 FY
  2. GNH 9 Domains and Indicators
  3. Status update on Bhutan Vision 2020

Revised Draft National Key Results Areas


1.  Macroeconomic Stability Ensured 5.  Healthy Ecosystem Services Maintained 9.  Efficiency and Effectiveness of Public Services Improved 13.  Democracy and Decentralization Strengthened
2.  Economic Diversity and Productivity Enhanced 6.  Carbon Neutral, Climate and Disaster Resilient Development Enhanced 10.  Gender Equality, Women and Girls Empowered 14.  Healthy, Safe and Caring Society Sustained
3. Poverty and Inequality Reduced 7. Quality of Education and Skills Improved 11. Productive and Gainful Employment Created 15.  Livability and Sustainability of Human Settlements Improved
4.  Culture and Traditions Preserved and Promoted 8.  Food and Nutrition Security Enhanced 12.  Corruption Reduced 16.  Justice Services Improved



National Consultation Workshop on the Draft 12 FYP Guideline




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