10th FYP Mid-Term Review (12th November -15th December, 2010)

The Tenth Five Year Plan (10th FYP) Mid-Term Review (MTR) began on November 12, 2010, and was chaired by the Prime Minister at the Banquet Hall, Langjophakha. The MTR will be undertaken in two phases with the first phase focusing on central agencies which will continue till the end of November, 2010. Unlike past plans where progress reporting was based on activities, the MTR will focus on progress against results or outcomes and outputs in line with the results based framework introduced in the 10th Five Year Plan. To ensure a coherent and holistic review, the MTR shall be conducted intensively with all sectors over a short duration of time.

The MTR will essentially assess and review the progress of the 10th FYP plans and programmes till date, as well as identify the issues and challenges which have to be addressed for the successful implementation of the tenth plan. This will also enable the respective ministries and agencies to review the relevance of their programs and accordingly reprioritize for the remaining period of the 10th Plan (2008-2013), in line with the new developments that have taken place since the start of the Tenth Plan. The MTR will also propose solutions to address bottlenecks for improved delivery.

In his opening address to launch the MTR, Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that the priorities of the 10th Plan such as Social Equity, Poverty Reduction, Sustainable and Green economy, Social and Economic Empowerment, the Millenium Development Goals, Gewog Connectivity Roads, Rural Electrification and Telecommunications should be addressed in the review. He also said that wherever these priorities programmes are facing any challenges, it should be tabled, discussed and mid-course corrections made to ensure that these come on track. He also highlighted that the programmes supported by our development partners will be reviewed against national priorities and sectors’ ability to deliver.

The second phase of the MTR will be with the local governments. It will be conducted Dzongkhag-wise and will take place from Mid-January till the end of February, 2011. These meetings will be chaired by the Prime Minister and will be attended by all Dzongdas, Officers of the Dzongkhag Administration, Heads of Institutions/Colleges, Schools, DT/GT members, GAOs, local leaders and will also include the business community, spiritual/religious leaders, MPs, political party representatives and village elders.

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