Briefing and Sensitization workshop/meeting on Annual Grants System/Guidelines and Small Development Projects(SDP) with Dasho Dzongrabs and Dasho Drungpas

On 27th October 2010, the Local Development Division, GNHC organized a half day sensitization and briefing workshop/meeting for all Dasho Dzongrabs(17) and Dasho Drungpas(13) who were here in the capital undergoing training on ‘Inner Coaching Towards High Performance Leadership’ organized by Dept. of Local Governance with support from Local Governance Support Programme(LGSP).

The workshop/meeting was held in the Conference Hall, Migmar Hotel, during which they were sensitized and briefed on the revised Annual Grants System/Guidelines(AGS) and on the Government of India funded Small Development Projects(SDP) for Local Governments. After the presentation of the AGS and SDP, the session was followed by questions and answers and other clarifications.

The Dasho Dzongrabs and Dasho Drungpas were requested to provide support and coordinate effective implementation of Annual Grants System/Guidelines and also timely implementation, completion and submission of progress reports of SDP projects for effective utilization of the generous support(funds) provided by the Government of India.

Besides many, some of the important issues and clarifications discussed and shared were on the; The need for LGs to be informed/indicated on donor supported projects for LGs.
The need for continuous improvement of planning, prioritization and budgeting especially in relation to
poverty focused activities and programmes. The need for additional support and funds for infrastructure development for poverty stricken community with small population.
The need for comprehensive, institutionalized and transparent annual budget review/discussion.
The need for improvement of resource allocation formula to improve equity.

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