Millennium Development Goals Needs Assessment and Costing Report 2007

Bhutan fully subscribes to the Millennium Development Goals and they are in tune with the country’s national development priorities, including the overarching goal of Gross National Happiness. With poverty reduction as the main theme of Tenth Plan (2008-2013), the MDGs are integrated into the national development planning process.
While the country is on track to achieve most of the MDGs, the scarcity of resources is a significant constraint for the full realization of these goals. At the global level, broad estimates for achieving the MDGs have been made by institutions such as
the High Level Panel on Financing for Development and the World Bank and some countries have undertaken assessments to estimate the cost of achieving the MDGs at the national level. In Bhutan, recognizing the need and benefits of a realistic assessment of the resources needed to achieve the MDGs and to mainstream these goals into the Tenth Plan process, a needs assessment and costing exercise was initiated by the Planning Commission in June 2006.


  1. Millennium Development Goals Needs Assessment and costing report

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