The PEMG Workshops, 11th May- 11th June 2010

The Joint Support Programme for  mainstreaming Environment, Climate Change and Poverty Concerns  which involves ,the Poverty Environment  Initiative Project phase II of the UNDP/UNEP and the component II of the Sustainable  Environment Support Programme (SESP) of the DANIDA. The harmonized programme  support is geared towards developing capacity of national and local government  functionaries, private sector and civil society organizations in addressing  poverty and environment challenges in an integrated manner, which is intended  to achieve the following outcomes:
Outcome  1: ECP mainstreamed in national policies, plans and programmes.
Outcome  2: ECP mainstreamed in all development plans and programmes at the local level.

GNH Commission prepared for the application  exercise of the Poverty Environment Mainstreaming Guidelines ( PEMG ) into the  sector programmes.  The PEMG workshops  were undertaken with 11 central government agencies, 1 Dzongkhag, 2 CSO/NGOs,  and 19 Dzongkhag Planning Officers.
The  workshops were carried out in the period of May 11th to June 11th,  2010 and each of them were conducted separately. The overall objective of the  consulting assignment was to apply the Poverty-Environment Mainstreaming  Guidelines (PEM Guidelines) to the development plans, policies, and programs, of all sectors/ministries at  the central level, as well as to one trial Dzongkhag.
It was  expected that the application of the PEM Guidelines during this assignment  would lead to an assessment of the environment and climate mainstreaming  related capacity development needs within sectors at different levels of  government, and also provide the basis for identifying detailed studies and  assessments that need to be conducted for sector agencies to revise relevant  policies and plans and develop specific programmes and projects that address  environment and climate mainstreaming.

Mr.  David Annandale and Mr. Ugyen P. Norbu, PEMG Consultants, presented on the  final report of the application of the PEMG report to all the representatives  from the sectors on the 16th May 2010. The application exercise  aimed to achieve the following:

  • Applying the PEM Guidelines at the  central level
  • Applying the PEM Guidelines at the  Dzongkhag level
  • Capacity development needs
  • Studies and assessments
  • Revising the PEM Guidelines

The Capacity Needs Assessment and application  of PEM Guidelines have been completed for all the sectors.

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