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Midterm Review Progress 1 March, 2011 – At Pemagatsel dzongkhag’s midterm review yesterday Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley said the achievements in the first two years of the current plan, as presented by the gewog leaders and dzongkhag officials, would be randomly verified.

Village leaders presented that 96 percent of the dzongkhag had access to clean drinking water and sanitation coverage was around 94 percent. Except for Chokhorling gewog, most parts of the dzongkhag had access to the cellular network, and 65 percent had access to electricity.

A total of 6,229 people of the 23,777 in the dzongkhag, are categorised as ‘poor’. The dzongkhag’s plan outlay is Nu 587.1M. Until the midterm, a cumulative Nu 264.7M had been received, of which Nu 215.3M had been spent.

In the education sector, 16 activities worth Nu 26.5M had been dropped, and 22 new activities worth Nu 59M were incorporated.

RNR extension centres in Yurung, Chimung, Chongshing and Nanong worth Nu 20M had been dropped, and the funds diverted to construct two RNR staff quarters at Nyengshingborang and Thongsa under Chongshing gewog, and one each in Dechenling, Chokhorling and Khar gewogs.

Nine farming and non-wood farmers’ groups established in the first two years of the tenth plan have earned around Nu 5M.

“It’s not enough to have taps at every house, but they should deliver clean water too,” Lyonchhoen said once the presentations were over.

“That you (dzongkhag and gewog officials) must ensure, and we’re going to send engineers from one dzongkhag to another to various places and cross check the progress against that declared during the mid term review meetings. I hope they are,” he said.

Pemagatshel dzongda Gholing Tshering said that the dzongkhag faces several drawbacks like non participation of contractors in the remote places, shortage of trained engineers in the relevant fields hampers the construction works, and inadequate pool vehicles in the dzongkhag slows service delivery.

Expressing his concern over the rising cases of alcoholism and divorce in the dzongkhag, Lyonchhoen said that the elders and officials have a vital role towards reducing these cases. “As responsible members of the communities, you must help prevent them from killing themselves with alcohol and threatening the lives of their children.”

Poverty rate in Pemagatshel:
Yurung gewog – 16%

Zobel gewog – 18.30%

Chhokhaorling gewog -22.80%

Khar gewog – 22.80%

Norbugang gewog – 23.50%

Chongshinggewog – 25%

Dechenling gewog – 25.10%

Dungmin gewog – 26.10%

Shumar gewog – 26.30%

Nanong gewog – 27.40%

Chimung gewog – 27.8%

Dzongkhag poverty incidence rate: 26.2%

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