Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation support to Royal Government of Bhutan

The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC) is an independent grant making organization, mandated by Royal Charter of 1996 “..For the promotion of social welfare through environmental conservation of the forests, flora, fauna, wildlife, diverse ecosystems and biodiversity in Bhutan.” A global pioneer established in 1992, BTFEC is concerned with the Bhutan’s environmental health, and sustainability of program interventions. The fund is an independent grant-making institution, and uses annual revenue from its endowment to finance environmental initiatives in Bhutan. It is governed by a Management Board, and operations are managed by the secretariat

The Management Board during its 31st meeting held on 18th May 2011, has approved five projects for the RGoB amounting to Nu. 28.485 million from July, the following are the five projects:

  1. Renewable Energy Division, Department of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs for “Improved fuelwood Cook Stoves” for the period beginning 01 September 2011 through 30 August 2014 of Nu. 13.5 million. This project will be mainstreaming the sustainable biomass energy production, conversion and utilization. It will further support the innovative practices and market mechanisms for local sustainable biomass energy technology development and promotion. The project it is expected to reduce 196,668 tones of Green House Emissions and 183,214 tones of fuel wood consumption for energy by households and industries in the country. This grant has been approved as co-finance along with the Royal Government of Bhutan, The Global Environment Facility, Asian Development Bank, Helvetas, United Nations Development Program, and Private Sector.
  2. Wangdue Municipality, Wangdue Dzongkhag Administration for “Piloting Intregrated Solid Waste Management(ISWM) in Bajothang” for the period beginning 01July 2011 through 30 June 2014 of Nu. 8 million. This project will train and put ISWM system in place at Bajo. It is to bring about the behavioral change and outlook towards the waste management by adopting the principle of ISWM.
  3. Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Trashi Yangtse Dzongkhag for “Bumdeling Black-Necked Crane Habitat Reclamation Project “for the period beginning 01 July 2011 through 30 June 2014 of Nu. 2.122 million. This project will protect wetland from flash floods and provide conducive breeding and roosting place for Black Necked Cranes by constructing embankment and plantation along the Glingbuchu and Kholongchu to encourage vibrant ecotourism.
  4. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Department of Forests & Park Services for “Enhancing Local Stewardship of Forests through Alternative Roofing in Merak and Sakteng” for the period beginning 01 July 2011 through 31 August 2011 of Nu. 2.7 million. This project will be jointly funded by BTFEC and the WWF, Bhutan. 236 households in Merak and 139 households in Sakteng will be supplied with CGI sheets. It is expected that the demand for timber for shingles will reduce. Further, the project will help in protecting the red panda habitat because of reduced demand on bamboos.
  5. Wildlife Conservation Division, Department of Forests & Park Services for “Implemention of National Human Wildlife Conflicts Management Strategy” for the period beginning 01 July 2011 through 31 October 2011 of Nu. 1.9 million. This project will construct stone masonry, elephant trench, and solar electric fencing in Sipsoo and Sarpang. Further, the livestock insurance scheme in Nabji and Merak will be piloted. At the end of the project, the Human-Elephant conflicts in Singhe and Sipsoo gewog will be mitigated and will increase the community support for conservation. With regard to insurance scheme, a sustainable compensation for livestock depredations from wildlife mechanism will be in place to help our farmers at the end of this project. This will be immensely contributing towards the reduction of retaliatory killing of wild animals due to faster compensation of predated livestock through the livestock insurance schemes.

There are twelve on-going projects of Nu.135.409 million. Since inception, the BTFEC had spent Nu. 358.689 million on 87 conservation related projects in the country.

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