SAARC Development Goals 2011

GNHC being the focal agency for the SAARC Development Goals, Research and Evaluation Division submitted the SDG mid-term review report 2011 to SAARC Secretariat. It is the first SDG related document prepared by Bhutan.

The report takes stock of the progress made thus far in each of the 22 goals and identifies issues and concerns that require more attention. It is also intended to raise awareness among the decision makers and renew political commitments to these important goals.
The SDG report 2011 shows that Bhutan is on track on most of the indicators. Under the livelihood theme, Bhutan has fared well in the areas of reducing poverty and hunger, reducing inequality, increasing rural infrastructures, increasing access to justice, and in mainstreaming concerns of women and children. Challenges, however, remain in addressing rising unemployment, especially among the youth. With regard to the health theme, the report reveals that child and maternal health have improved. Incidences of tuberculosis and malaria have also decreased while access to safe drinking water and sanitation has increased. However, shortage of doctors continues to be a problem.

In the area of education, gross enrolment ratio has exceeded 100 % with 117 % in 2010. Bhutan has achieved gender parity at both primary and secondary levels. However, the adult literacy rate was low with only 52.8 % in 2005. With respect to environment conservation, 72.5 % of the land area is covered with forest, out of which 51.32% of the land area is designated as protected areas and biological corridors. The quality of air, water and soil is not a major concern. However, solid waste disposal is increasingly becoming an environmental problem, especially in the urban areas of Thimphu and Phuentsholing.

The report will soon be published and will be distributed to relevant agencies.

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