RNR Research Policy (23/11/2012)

Research in the Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) sector has so far been undertaken fairly successfully without a formal research policy.  Recent developments and trends, however, point to the need for the sector to adopt a formal research policy. They include: growing pressure on the Government to provide more resources for RNR research as an essential driver of sustainable RNR sector socio-economic growth and poverty reduction; growing pressures for resource conservation and utilization and purposeful response to climate change; the need to make research more efficient,  self-sustaining and less dependent on donor support; the need to improve the internal governance and administration of RNR research by providing more guidance and coordination to the larger number of participants in  RNR research system that is more complex; growing pressure to transform operations in the RNR sector from mainly subsistence to  commercial; and the importance that is attached to  building a knowledge-based society.  Click to download

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