Draft Policy

The Gross National Happiness Commission welcomes comments on all draft policies within two weeks of the draft policies being posted here. Comments can be sent to red@gnhc.gov.bt
Comments open for Following Draft Policies
  1. Draft National Broadcasting Policy (26.05.2016) (Comments Open)
Comments Closed for Following Draft Policies
  1. Draft RNR Marketing Policy-2016 (comments Closed)
  2. National Intellectual Property Policy (comments Closed)
  3. Draft Human Settlement Policy (Comments Closed)
  4. Info & Media Policy (Comments closed)
  5. Mineral Development Policy 2011 (Comments Closed)
  6. National Education Policy(Comments  Closed)
  7. National Population Policy Revised (Comments Closed)
  8. Business Infrastructure Policy – 2014 (Comments Closed)
  9. Draft Competition Policy ( Comments Closed)
  10. Draft Technical & Vocational Education and Training Policy (Comments Closed)
  11. Social Protection Policy (Comments Closed

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