Draft Policy

The Gross National Happiness Commission welcomes comments on all draft policies within two weeks of the draft policies being posted here. Comments can be sent to red@gnhc.gov.bt
Comments open for Following Draft Policies
  1. Draft National Broadcasting Policy (26.05.2016) (Comments Open)
Comments Closed for Following Draft Policies
  1. National Intellectual Property Policy
  2. Draft Human Settlement Policy (Comments Closed)
  3. Info & Media Policy (Comments closed)
  4. Mineral Development Policy 2011 (Comments Closed)
  5. National Education Policy(Comments  Closed)
  6. National Population Policy Revised (Comments Closed)
  7. Business Infrastructure Policy – 2014 (Comments Closed)
  8. Draft Competition Policy ( Comments Closed)
  9. Draft Technical & Vocational Education and Training Policy (Comments Closed)
  10. Social Protection Policy (Comments Closed

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