Draft Policy  

The Gross National Happiness Commission welcomes comments on all draft policies within two weeks of the draft policies being posted here. Comments can be sent to red@gnhc.gov.bt

For Comments


  1. Bhutan Green Building Guidelines (Comments Open)
  2. The National Policy and Strategic Framework to Reduce Harmful Use of Alcohol (Comments Open)
  3. Draft Licensing policy November 2012 (Comments Open)
  4. Social Protection Policy (Comments Open)
  5. Draft  Guidelines for Planning & Development of Human Settlements in Urban and Rural Areas of Bhutan
  6. Agricultural Marketing Policy of Bhutan -Draft ( Comments Open )
  7. Access and Benefit Sharing Policy of Bhutan – Posted on 22/05/2014 ( Comments Open )


Comments Closed for Following Draft Policies

  1. Subsidized Timber and Other Forest Produce Allotment Policy-2011 (comments closed)
  2. Mineral Development Policy 2011 (Comments Closed)
  3. Bhutan Renewable Energy Policy2011 (Comments Closed)
  4. Thromde Finance Policy, Bhutan
  5. Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) Research Policy of Bhutan
  6. National Employment Policy (Comments Closed)
  7. Draft Film Policy(Comments Closed)
  8. Bhutan Telecommunications and Broadband Policy (Comments Closed)
  9. National Occupational Health and Safety Policy (Comments Closed)
  10. Food and Nutrition Security Policy (Comments Closed)
  11. National Education Policy(Comments  Closed)
  12. National Policy on Special Educational Needs (Comments Closed)
  13. National Policy on Early Childhood Care and Development (Comments Closed)
  14. National Population Policy Revised (Comments Closed)
  15. Bhutan Telecommunications and Broadband Policy 2013 , Concept Note (Comments Closed)

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