Market Access and Growth Intensification Project

Bhutan has received a total of US$52.9 million over the past 36 years from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for investment in seven projects and programmes in the country. Five of those projects were solely dedicated in the six eastern Dzongkhags where rural poverty is found to be most acute. The projects were implemented with the overall goal to reduce poverty and improve food security in the rural areas.

Market Access & Growth Intensification Project (MAGIP) is one of the IFAD funded projects that was recently completed. The implementation of MAGIP began in 2011, and while it was completed in June 2016 it was formally closed later that year in December. The objective of the project was to improve the productivity of subsistence-based farming systems in communities without road access, and to intensify the production of cash crops and dairy products while enhancing smallholders

Bhutan at a Glance
Area (sq. km) 38,394
Population by sex
Male 398,948
Female 369,629
Population density 20
Health Coverage (%) 90
Access to safe drinking water (%) 95
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