Uplifting Rural Lives Through the Rural Economy Advancement Programme

Rural villages in Bhutan are seeing vast improvement in living conditions through the Rural Economy Advancement Programme (REAP), supported by the Government of India. The two stories below from the southern districts of Samtse and Sarpang are illustrative of how the programme is benefitting people at the grassroots, through the provision of basic sanitation and housing facilities.

Sanitation in Khempa

Khempa is a small village of 34 registered households and 186 residents, located in Samtse Dzongkhag. Up until recently, the practice of open defection was the norm and community members did not fully see the need for proper toilets, even as many inconveniences abounded especially for its 91 female residents.

Besides contributing to the villagers

Bhutan at a Glance
Area (sq. km) 38,394
Population by sex
Male 398,948
Female 369,629
Population density 20
Health Coverage (%) 90
Access to safe drinking water (%) 95
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