Thursday 18th of August 2022 11:01:46 PM


14th Round Table

1. Background paper for the 14th RTM  Download
2.Kingdom of Bhutan: Fact SheetDownload
3.14th Round Table Concept NoteDownload
4.Provisional Programme for the 14th RTMDownload

Other resources:

1.Report onThe Twelfth Five Year Plan to The First Session of the Third ParliamentDownlaod
2. 11th Five Year Plan Final ReportDownload
3. UNCTAD vulnerability profile, and UNDESA impact assessment Download Download
3. Bhutan’s Voluntary National Review Report 2018 on the Implementation of the SDGs.Download
4. 13th RTM post meeting report and technical paper 13th RTM Report &Technical report
5.Vision 2020 Volume I & Volume II
6. Economic Development Policy 2016 Download
7. FDI Policy 2015