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Press Release on the “National Structured Dialogue” between Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) and Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The GNH Commission, in its capacity as the National Designated Authority (NDA) of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is hosting the first National Structured Dialogue from 29th to 31st August, 2018 in Thimphu. The purpose of the dialogue is mainly to assist Bhutan in accessing Green Climate Fund and strengthening Cooperation between RGoB and GCF.

A delegation led by the Director, Mitigation and Adaptation, GCF is in Bhutan to provide further support in developing the country programming; strengthen dialogue and coordination; and opportunity for Bhutan to make a comprehensive presentation on the pipeline and potential projects.

Additionally, a delegation led by the Director, Green Technology Center (GTC), South Korea is also participating in this three-day dialogue to discuss the green transport program and waste management project.

The GCF, established in December, 2010 is the main global financial mechanism to finance green initiatives promoting low emission and climate resilient development.  

So far, GCF has approved three projects in Bhutan amounting to US$ 30 million, viz., Bhutan for Life (BFL) worth US$ 26.6 million; readiness proposal on ‘strategic framework to strengthen the capacity of National Designated Agency (NDA) to access resources from the GCF and support for direct  access accreditation process’ worth US$ 0,4 million; and readiness proposal on ‘preparation of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) for Bhutan with a focus on implementation of comprehensive risk management in the water sector’ worth US$ 3.0 million.

Through this dialogue, we look towards GCF as a key partner in Bhutan’s efforts in environment conservation and carbon neutrality. And GNH Commisison as the GCF National Designated Authority (NDA) in Bhutan, will work to strengthen the cooperation between RGoB and GCF.


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