Twelve Five Year Plan Finalized AKRA(s)

The preparation of the 12th FYP began from January 2016 following extensive consultation with various stakeholders, including Local Governments, Ministries, Agencies, CSOs, Private sector etc. The 12th FYP is being formulated based on the principles of inclusive and broad-based participatory planning to promote national consensus on the plan and to ensure that every stakeholder can identify with it and take ownership.

The 12th FYP preparation guideline was launched by the Hon’ble Lyonchhen in March, 2017 during the 13th Round Table Meeting (RTM). The guideline clearly outlines the 1) objective; 2) the national key results areas with associated key performance indicators; 3) preliminary fiscal projections; 4) resource allocation framework and 5) division of responsibility framework between Central and Local Government. The Plan Objective is “Just, Harmonious and Sustainable Society through Enhanced Decentralization”. There are 17 National Key Result Areas which have been formulated to achieve the overall objective.

To promote greater coherence and convergence during the plan implementation, the 12th FYP guideline no longer prescribes the Sectoral Key Results or sector based approach. Instead, the 12th FYP has each of the National Key Results Areas assigned to one or more Agencies as Lead, who has been entrusted with the responsibilities of leading and coordinating the Agency Results for the particular NKRA. This has ensured greater coordination and collaboration between various government entities. Further, unlike in the past Five Year Plan, 12th FYP formulation will be done through two stages after the issuance of the guideline – formulation of the Agency Key Result Areas (AKRAs) which will be followed by formulation of the Program Profiles.

Subsequent to the formulation of the Guideline, the first stage focused on the formulation of Agency Key Results Areas (AKRAs) and corresponding Key Performance Indicators. Some Key Performance Indicators are awaiting finalization of baseline and target. This began from January 2017 and the same is now finalized. Some AKRAs still would need review and refinement, particularly on baseline information, target and data source. This refinement process will continue in August 2017. Currently, the GNHC Secretariat is working on the second stage, which is the formulation of the 12th FYP Program Profile. The sensitization of the Approach to the formulation of the 12th FYP Program Profile is scheduled from first week of August 2017. Post the sensitization, the respective agencies will formulate their program profiles based on AKRAs, its KPIs and strong alignment to the NKRAs and the overall Plan Objective.

Agency Key Result Areas (AKRAs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for 12th FYP:


NKRA 1: Macroeconomic Stability Ensured NKRA 2: Economic Diversity and Productive Capacity Enhanced
NKRA 3: Poverty Eradicated and Inequality Reduced NKRA 4: Tradition & Culture Preserved and Promoted
NKRA 5: Healthy Ecosystem Services Maintained NKRA 6 : Carbon Neutral, Climate and Disaster Resilient Development Enhanced
NKRA 7: Quality of Education and Skills Improved NKRA 8: Water, Food and Nutrition Security
NKRA 9: Infrastructure, Communication and Public Service Delivery NKRA 10: Gender Equality Promoted and Women and Girls Empowered
NKRA 11:  Productive and Gainful Employment Created NKRA 12: Corruption Reduced
NKRA 13: Democracy and Decentralization Strengthened NKRA 14: Healthy and Caring Society enhanced
NKRA 15: Livability, Safety and sustainability of Human Settlements Improved NKRA 16: Justice Services and Institutions Strengthened
NKRA 17: Sustainable Water Ensured