Closing Session of Local Government 12th Plan Mid-Term Review (MTR)

Closing Session of Local Government 12th Plan Mid-Term Review (MTR)


 The 12th Plan Mid-Term Review (MTR) for Local Government (LG) concluded this morning (August 2) in the presence of Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering.

The Gross National Happiness Commission conducted the mid-term review of the LG’s plan virtually from May 11 to 21, 2021.

At the closing session today, the Cabinet Secretary presented the outcome of the MTR. The presentation covered the overall progress, issues and challenges reported by the LGs during the review meeting. The discussions centered around KPI changes, annual grants, APA of two financial years- 2020-21 & 21-22 and project implementation challenges posed by the pandemic.

Some of the major issues highlighted by the LGs were the shortage of construction workers and construction material; lack of adequate human resources, particularly teachers and medical professionals affecting delivery of critical public services; coordination challenges with central agencies; and issues with private contractors.

Providing directions on all the issues raised, the prime minister applauded the LG officials for striving to achieve most of the activities despite challenges. He reiterated the significance of annual block grant that enabled the LGs to get innovative with their programs and investments in the gewogs.

The prime minister also reminded the gewog officials to continue pushing for efficiency, technology and innovation to make the most out of limited resources.  In order to keep track of the developmental activities and other issues, in addition to the routine consultations, the prime minister will meet the LGs every month online.

The Agriculture Minister, Education Secretary, Directors of DLG (MoHCA) and DoS (MoH) and representatives from the finance ministry and GPMD also attended the event. Among others, were the Director General, RCSC, Dzongdags, Dzongrabs, Thrompons, Executive Secretaries, Dzongkhag Thrizins, Gups, and sector heads who participated virtually.

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