First High-Level RTM for development of Bhutan’s 21st Century Economic Road-map

The first High-Level Round Table Meeting for development of Bhutan’s 21st Century Economic Roadmap, one of the key messages from the 112th National Day Royal Address, convened this afternoon. Chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the High-Level Round Table includes the Opposition Leader, Speaker of National Assembly, Chairperson of National Council, acting Chief Justice, representatives of the political parties and private sector, RMA, RCSC, DHI, CBS, RIGSS, RUB and GNHC.

The meeting agreed on instituting a national taskforce and multiple working groups to carry out the exercise. The national taskforce and working groups will be comprised of members with diverse background, profession, experiences and expertise in the areas of technology, economy, business, entrepreneurship, finance and human capital.

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