Orientation on Revised APA Format

The Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat in collaboration with Government Performance Management Division, Royal Civil Service Commission and Ministry of Finance have started the orientation programme for the central agencies and Local Governments (LGs) on the revised Annual Performance Agreement (APA) format from 7th June 2022. While the orientation for the central agencies are conducted in person, the orientation for LGs are being conducted virtually.

The revision of the Government Performance Management System (GPMS) is in line with the effort to strengthen the performance management in civil service contributing towards realization of the Five Year Development Plans in the medium term and towards the long term national vision and objectives. It is to ensure differentiated levels of APA and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) by agency and help assign clear responsibility and accountability.

The orientation program is being attended by the Secretaries, Department Heads, Division Chiefs and relevant officials from the central agencies. For the LGs, the program is attended by Dasho Dzondags/officiating Dzongdags, Executive Secretaries, Dasho Dzongrabs, Dungpas, Sector heads, Gups and Gewog Administrative Officers.

The orientation program for the entire government agencies will be completed before 14th June 2022 following which sectors will begin the revision works on their part. The APA for FY 2022-23 will be finalized based on the revised format by 30th June 2022. Following this the annual progress will be monitored and evaluated against the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) targets. Lessons learnt from the revision exercise as well as monitoring findings will further be used in tracking implementation of the KPIs in the next plan. 

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