Planning Secretaries’ Meeting For The SAARC Countries

23 Nov, 2020: Hosted by the Government of Pakistan, Hon’ble Secretary along with the officials from the GNHC participated in the first virtual Planning Secretaries’ meeting for the SAARC countries which will be followed by the SAARC Planning Ministers’ meeting on 25th November, 2020. The Planning Secretaries’ meeting was held on the theme “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in South Asia: Shaping a SAARC Vision 2030”.
Under this theme, the Member States broadly discussed national approaches and strategies on inclusive and sustainable development – the 2030 agenda, impact of COVID-19 on economic growth in general and on social sectors of the SAARC Member States, and a strategy for a collaborative action for mobilizing ‘Development Financing’ especially in the post COVID-19. The recommendations from the meeting will be submitted to the Planning Ministers’ virtual meeting to be held on 25th November, 2020 for endorsement.

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