Press Release for LDPM Launch

Hon’ble Secretary of GNHC officially launched the Local Development Planning Manual (LDPM). The Local Government was represented by the Thimphu Dzongdag and Thimphu Thrompon. Country Director Helvetas Bhutan, DLG (MoHCA) and DNB (MoF) also attended the event.
The GNHCS in collaboration with DLG, DNB, MoF, GPMD and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation initiated the revision of the LDPM in June 2021. The revision was carried out to accommodate and streamline the new developments and emerging issues that have happened after 2014 and also in anticipation of future changes in planning, prioritization and budgeting for and by the Local Governments.
In order to make the document more practical, consultations with the twenty Dzongkhags and four Thromdes were carried out between August and December, 2021. For the Dzongkhags and Thromdes in the high-risk areas, virtual consultations were undertaken. The manual was finalized in December 2021 after review and incorporation of comments and suggestions received from the consultations. The revised LDPM will be used to orient the newly elected LG functionaries and other LG officials (Dzongkhag Planning and Sector Officials) in planning and prioritization in their respective jurisdictions. The development of the manual was supported through the Decentralisation and Local Governance Program implemented by DLG, MoHCA and funded by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.


Embargoed until 12th January, 2022

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