Shortlisted Candidates for the post of AMCO

The GNH Commission is pleased to announce that the following applicants have been shortlisted for the post of AMCOs based on eligibility criteria of BCSR 2018, section vide Vacancy Announced Letter No. GNHC/HR-07/2020/332 dated 4th March 2020.

Sl. No. Name CID No. BCSC Result/Year Exam Category
1 Leingdron Tshomo 10601003710 62.22-2019 PGDPA
2 Sonam Jamtsho 10605000937 61.86-2019 PGDPA
3 Tshering Dema 11909000590 61.65-2019 PGDPA
4 Chimi Lhamo 10605002950 61.61-2019 PGDNL
5 Sangay Norbu 11108001864 61.58-2019 PGDPA
6 Jigme Tsheltrim Doya 11206002096 61.52-2019 PGDPA

The final selection interview will be conducted tentatively during the 1st week of April, 2020, only if the COVID-19 situation gets contained. The confirmed date for interview will be announced later on the GNHCS website.   

For details, please contact HR Section at 333230/17378087 during office hours.



GNH Commission

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