Shortlisted candidates for the post of Project Officer, GEF, NAPA III Project.

The GEF NAPA III Project PMU office is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for the post of project officer, GEF NAPA III Project. The selection interview will be conducted on 27th May 2021 at GNHCS Mini Conference Hall from 9:00 AM onwards. The selection of shortlisted candidates shall be based on 40% written assessment and 60% viva voice which shall be conducted as follows:  

Written assessment: 9:30 AM to 10:30AM

Viva voice: 10:30 AM till 5PM

The shortlisted candidates are required to report HR section, GNHCS at 9AM sharp on 27th May 2021 for pre selection interview briefing. Shortlisted candidates are also requested to bring laptop and other necessary things required for written assessment and viva voice. Only for the candidates coming from COVID- 19 high risk areas (P/Ling, S/Jongkhar/ Samtse and Gelephu) selection interview shall be arranged virtually and the candidate is not required to report in person for selection interview. However, the candidates dwelling in the high risk area should inform HR section on or before 24th May 2021 for the arrangement of virtual selection interview. For further queries and clarification please contact HR section at email or contact at 17378087.

# Name CID # Remarks
1 Khandu Dorji 10801002444 Shortlisted
2 Lhakpa 10310001076 Shortlisted
3 Ugyen Namgyel 11904000550 Shortlisted
4 Kuenzang Tobgay 11514004358 Shortlisted
5 Sita Devi Gautam 11305005197 Shortlisted
6 Sonam Wangchuk 11508000117 Shortlisted
7 Tsheltim La 10606000552 Shortlisted
8 Dorji Rinchen 11005002919 Shortlisted
9 Pema Rabgay 10704000624 Shortlisted
10 Thinley 10707001811 Shortlisted

Note: Shortlisted candidates aspiring to withdraw from post should submit withdrawal application two days prior to selection interview date.


(Rinchen Wangdi)


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