Volume II: Central Plans

Twelfth Five Year Plan [2018-2023], Volume II: Central Plans – Download here

The 12th Five Year Plan (FYP) commences amid numerous auspicious occasions that hold special significance for all Bhutanese. Our Nation celebrated the 12th year of glorious reign of His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo and 111 years
of the institution of Monarchy and nation building. The nation continues to enjoy the blessings of Yabjey-Damba, His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo. It witnessed the 22nd year of tireless service by His Holiness the 70th Je Khenpo for the wellbeing of the country and its people. The Nation’s Son, His Royal Highness The Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck continues to be a source of unbounded joy for all Bhutanese citizens. The Third Parliamentary election was successfully held with increased people’s participation in the electoral process. That the Election Commission of Bhutan and Bhutan Broadcasting Service were conferred well-deserved high awards by His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo reflects their eminent role in the success of the elections.

In addition, Bhutan will be graduating from the list of Least Developed Countries (LDC) by 2023. Meeting the eligibility criteria for graduation is a testament of the hard work of the people of Bhutan with the support of
key development partners. Even though Bhutan has fulfilled the two required indicators for graduation, the fact that we are yet to cross the threshold for economic vulnerability is a source of concern. It is a reminder of the work
that remains to address the last mile challenge of development and ensure continued progress towards creating an inclusive and prosperous Gross National Happiness (GNH) state. The 12th FYP will be Bhutan’s last five year
plan as an LDC. At this critical stage in our development history, Bhutan looks to the continued support of all its development partners to implement the 12th FYP. It is also a call to all public servants, the private sector, civil society 12th Five Year Plan (Volume II) – Central Plans organisations and citizens to work together to achieve the noble aspirations of the 12th FYP and live up to the trust bestowed on each one of us by His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo.

With the objective of Just, Harmonious and Sustainable Society through enhanced Decentralisation, the 12th FYP and its 17 national key result areas are drawn from the timeless vision and wisdom emanating from the Golden Throne. Reflecting Bhutan’s status as an active member of the global community, it also takes into consideration the Sustainable Development Goals and other regional and international commitments. The Plan has been shaped by extensive consultations held over a period of two years with wide ranging groups of stakeholders. The outcome is a 12th FYP that is a National Development Plan reflecting the aspirations and concerns of the people of Bhutan. Pledges of elected Government as well as selected pledges of the other three political parties have been incorporated into the Plan following rigorous assessment. Lessons learnt from 11th FYP have also proved useful in changing how we plan and implement better. The 12th FYP formulation, execution and implementation are underpinned by the principles of coordination, consolidation and collaboration to achieve greater gains. True to the objective of enhancing decentralisation, resources have been doubled for LGs in the 12th FYP compared to 11th FYP resulting in an equal share of capital resources as the Central Agencies. The Division of Responsibilities Framework has also been revised to provide greater decentralisation of roles, functions and authority to the local governments.
Another new feature of the 12th FYP is the Government’s flagship programmes that aims to address issues of national priority. The programme areas have been chosen to ensure that critical issues such as youth unemployment, water security and poverty reduction are addressed in a coherent manner within a five year period.

Unlike past plan periods, the 12th FYP period commences from 1st November, 2018 and will end on 31st October, 2023 in order to align with the Government’s tenure. Implementation will be rigorously monitored through
the government performance management system to ensure that results are 12th Five Year Plan (Volume II) – Central Plans achieved. Progress will be reviewed during the annual and mid-term reviews to ensure that corrective measures and mid-course corrections are made in a timely manner.

The 12th FYP is unprecedented both in size and scope and will demand utmost dedication on the part of the over 54,000 public servants across the country. It sets out an ambitious agenda and will be the biggest plan implemented thus far with an outlay of Nu. 310 billion, an increase of nearly 38 percent over the 11th FYP. An inclusive plan has been formulated, adequate resources mobilised with qualified public servants to implement the activities. All required causes and conditions are in place to ensure that what has been planned can be delivered. I take this opportunity to call upon all Bhutanese as well as our development partners, civil society organisations, political parties, private sector and other stakeholders to work together to build a strong, secure and peaceful future for our nation.