Vision & Mission

Vision :

An institution that promotes  development with values.


To steer national socio-economic development guided by the principles of GNH.


  • Guide and steer the integration of GNH principles in all policies and plans.
  • Ensure the effective delivery of Five Year Plan Key Results.
  • Institutionalize a robust National Monitoring and Evaluation System.
  • Ensure the needs of vulnerable groups are addressed.
  • Ensure the mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues in policies, plans and programmes.
  • Establish GNHC as a legal Entity for national development planning and GNH mainstreaming


  • To guide long-term sustainable socio-economic development and strategies
  • To spearhead five year and annual planning and guide public policy formulation
  • To ensure that GNH principles are mainstreamed into plans and policies in cognizance of regional and international commitments
  • To mobilize adequate resources on a timely basis and ensure equitable and efficient allocation
  • To monitor, facilitate, and coordinate implementation of policies, plans and programs for effective delivery
  • To evaluate polices, plans and programs on a timely basis and provide feedback and undertake corrective action.