Workshop on ‘Formulation of LG’s program profile for the 12 FYP’

The GNHC is holding a workshop on ‘Formulation of LG’s Program Profile for the 12th FYP’ from 10-11 August at Paro.
The opening of the workshop was graced by Hon Secretary of the commission. In his opening remarks, Hon. Secretary urged the Planning Officers to take a lead role in formulating good programs at the LG level so that LGKRAs translate into actions at the local level which will ultimately change the lives of the people and the communities. He also thanked the Planning Officers for the hospitality and support rendered to his team from the GNHC during the visit to the Dzongkhags and Thromdes for discussion of LGKRAs.
The workshop is being facilitated by officials from the Local Development Division (LDD) with participation from the District Planning Planning Officers and Thromde Planning Officers.



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